Art and culture at the Fondazione Stelline


Places for planning, exhibitions, teaching and speeches for contemporary and Twentieth-Century art, the foundation’s cultural programming presents exhibitions on contemporary art and big-name photography, as well as book encounters, talks, publications and museum educational workshops, all actively included in the city’s events schedule.

Research and exploration proposals and projects of artistic expression increasingly aimed at international collaborations are the result of extensive planning and curatorship work.

Important, good quality exhibitions that create a strong impact have involved modern international artists like Marlene Dumas, Tony Cragg, Anish Kapoor, Robert Longo, Josef Albers and famous artists from the 1900s like Marc Chagall, Picasso, Arturo Martini, Mario Sironi, F. T. Marinetti and Carlo Carrà. Considerable attention has always been placed on big-name photography with personal exhibitions dedicated, among others, to Luigi Ghirri, Gabriele Basilico, Giovanni Chiaramonte, August Sander, Ruth Orkin + Morris Engel, Herbert List, Leonard Freed and Vanessa Winship.

Paving by Bobo Piccoli

The magnificent mosaic paving created in the 1970s by Bobo Piccoli (Augusto Piccoli, 1927-1981) is considered a genuine work of art: 2,000 m2 of mosaic speckled with polychrome marble. The work is one of the most significant examples of the artist’s research in which the projects for architecture go hand in hand with painting in a creative tension focusing on a unity of the arts.

In this work, produced between1973 and 1978, the artist’s vision takes on an environmental dimension that characterises the entire palace. Subject of careful and important conservation restoration work that was completed in 2015, the paving contributes to making the Fondazione’s historical headquarter a unique and captivating place.

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