27/05/2015 to 08/11/2015

Till 8 NOvember 2015

A multimedia exhibition, conceived and produced by Studio Azzurro, a multimedia fresco to live, understand and comment on the masterpiece of Leonardo. Multimedia and interactive installations will enable the audience to live a unique and unforgettable experience from within Leonardo’s greatest masterpiece, step by step, alongside the Genius, to discover all of its secrets .
This multimedia exhibition will take you on an emotional journey into an in-depth analysis of the Last Supper, the most revolutionary and meaningful work painted by Leonardo da Vinci and located in the Refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie convent, right opposite Palazzo delle Stelline.
The world acclaimed fresco, irremovable by nature, is proposed in this instance in a version unhindered by spatial constraints. For the audience, it is a first-hand experience that takes on the features of a dynamic instrument, a tool to discover and comprehend this masterpiece.
The interesting characteristic of this setup is the participatory approach it prompts; a structure of individual modular components, each related to the other, allows for the enjoyment and appreciation of the various sections at different times and in different ways.
The exhibition path enables visitors to choose from several levels of analysis and participation. The first level is the most traditional: a motion picture style tale where it is possible to view information and multimedia contents along a storytelling path. The second level allows access to interactive stations where visitors can customize their own path to discover and learn about the fresco autonomously from the various available sources.
Each module proposes a different backdrop and provides for informative, didactic, multimedia and interactive instruments designed to involve the audience in a thrilling Renaissance art experience.
It is a path that literally plunges visitors into a learning experience that leads to the final vision of this masterpiece and to the places that inspired the genius of Leonardo.

Till 8 NOvember 2015
every day, 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. (Ticket office closes at 8 p.m.)
Tickets: full € 8; reduced € 6; school € 3
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