LEONARDO on LEONARDO || Milan. Life. Nature


Leonardo racconta Leonardo

Fondazione Stelline gave life to the project submitted to the InnovaCultura call for tenders, financed thanks to contributions from the Lombardy Regional Government, the Lombardy network of the Chambers of Commerce and Fondazione Cariplo. And so, today, Leonardo da Vinci is home again with three interactive and 3D installations. 
Three holographic screens enable the public to dialogue and interact directly with Leonardo. This project stems from the desire to bring the Genius Leonardo back to Milan, to the places where he lived, in particular the 5 VIE area, where he created and left signs of his presence. Thanks to the Design Department of the Politecnico School in Milan, technology has been developed that makes it possible to ‘have first-hand contact’ with the artist, to listen to his voice (in both Italian and English), while he literally ‘talks about himself’. The holographic screens give visitors the sensation of a voyage back in time, recreating the figure of the Master from Vinci, presented in a whole new way.

The project pivots on three themes, each explored in five different sections: 

  • Milan (In the Court of Ludovico il Moro, 1498, The Portraits, Salaì, The Equestrian Statue) 
  • Life (The Early Years, In Verrocchio’s Workshop, In Milan, The Leonardo da Vinci Codes, The Last Years)
  • Nature (Nature Teacher of All Teachers, Water and the Navigli, Leonardo’s Vineyard, Studies on Flight, Studies on Anatomy).