30/01/2019 to 10/03/2019

From 31 January to 10 March, Fondazione Stelline will be hosting "The Limits of Truth. From Abstractionism to Abstraction", a retrospective organized by Angelo Crespi encapsulating the oeuvre of Luciano Ventrone, described by his discoverer Federico Zeri as “the Caravaggio of the twentieth century”.

The thirty works in the show, many of which on public display for the first time, explore the long career of an artist who began painting in the classic figurative tradition at a very young age in the early 1960s, encouraged by a strong sense of vocation. His later development saw him take an interest in informal art and arte programmata before beginning his experiments with geometric forms – a thorough apprenticeship full of departures and variations that surged on the waves of the different currents swirling through Italian post-war painting. On the back of this excellent experience he was able with increasing confidence to evolve his own highly personal style, “Ventronian abstract realism”, in which the building blocks of painting (form, colour and light) are placed at the service of a Platonic philosophical concept that unveils the world of primal ideas.

From the 1990s onwards his still lifes especially ceased to be mere representations of the real, efforts to achieve mimesis worthy of praise on their own terms. Rather, as Angelo Crespi explains, thanks to a resolutely cultivated talent they became successful attempts to go beyond reality and establish the “limits of truth”, the fine line beyond which lies genuine understanding. These works keep their distance from the real objects depicted, the better to achieve the maximum abstraction of “things out there” and to capture their essence

31 January 31 -March 10, 2019

Tuesday-Sunday, 10.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m. (closed Mondays)
Free admission