Fondazione Stelline returns to the foreground of the international arts scene, with Marinella Senatore’s first solo show in Milan “Notes for a Revolution".

The exhibition space will be brought to life by a series of new site-specific works produced by Fondazione Stelline, created especially for this exhibition space: light displays, interactive artworks, textile sculptures, wall papers, wall paintings, collages and drawings that tackle social themes such as emancipation, equality, aggregation systems and working conditions.

Marinella Senatore’s artistic practice is inclusive and relational, and it explores various forms of urban, political and social resistance. With a visually “pop” style, her works are often mediated by southern Italian popular culture, and include group performances, music, video, photography, collage, drawing and sculpture.

On the occasion of the exhibition the artist will stage a performance in the Magnolia Cloister, focusing on the themes of urban resistance, feminism and underground culture. The performance at Fondazione Stelline will be a one-of-a-kind choral experience, in which the artist interweaves elements of urban subculture with classical music and ballet. Marinella Senatore’s visually intense, conceptually powerful works aim to provoke not just emotions, but also thoughts in the visitors.

The exhibition is based on a belief that museums and cultural institutions in the 21st century cannot ignore the social and political challenges of the societies to which they belong.

"Marinella Senatore. Notes for a Revolution", devised and produced by Fondazione Stelline, cureted by Paola Ugolini and supported by the sponsorship from Regione Lombardia and the Municipality of Milan, is one of the highlights of Milano Artweek 2020, and is part of the civic program titled “I Talenti delle Donne” (The Talents of Women).