Fondazione Stelline, Lombardy Region and Municipality of Milan fly to New York to present the programme of celebrations for 2019 dedicated to... leggi tutto
On the occasion of the Year of Cultura #inLOMBARDIA, the Fondazione Stelline and Lombardy Region take part in the celebrations of Columbus Day 2017... leggi tutto
The Stelline Foundation takes part in the traditional COLUMBUS DAY PARADE, with the international project HUB LEONARDO ROAD SHOW...
19.09.2016 ore 18.30 | HUB LEONARDO presents the show by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory. Leonardo’s true life portrayed on stage at Stelline Foundation...
Leonardo da Vinci is home again at Stelline with three holographic screens enable the public to dialogue and interact directly with the Artist...
27/05/2015 to 08/11/2015
Till 8 NOvember 2015 | A multimedia exhibition, conceived by Studio Azzurro, a multimedia fresco to live, understand and comment on the masterpiece... leggi tutto